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Defining Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Process by Vivek - Indian SEO

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    Successful SEO campaign always starts with planning, search engine optimization process must be defined by an expert who can study your website, competitors, keywords, levelheaded goals. SEO process document should have time lines defined for achieving goals. List of people responsible for monitoring the process, content writing, improving existing website structure.

    Paper explains about the SEO process, requirements and how it should be defined.
    (Good for people who are already aware of SEO and related techniques)

    We will classify all requirements first.

    1. Set up goal
    2. Study goal
    3. Requirement study
    4. The process

    I personally recommend to use a project manager tool, you can keep things always in control and within your reach, you can better look at the process and while creating reports that helps in great way.

    1. Goal of SEO
    You should understand clearly why your client want SEO to be done. What is the output client is looking for? More traffic?, More Sales?, or something else? All websites does not have same goal to achieve, for an example: a website selling items online, wants balance sheet to be improved, a blog just need visitors, a local company website wants local targeted visitors, a news websites should be on top for all current affairs. Once you understand the goal, you should write it, use a good project management tool and create a new project. Write these goals. And make sure to re-verify with client.

    2. Study Goal Possibility
    Sometimes goals are not realistic, every one wants good and unlimited fortune, but you have to be practical in determining the possibility, do not over commit. You should check with seniors and other experts "asking is not bad, if it is not cool". Once you are sure about the possibility re-check with clients and do required changes in project manager tool.

    3. Requirements to Achieve Goal
    Now work on requirements, how many visitors, from where, using which keywords. This part will need you to define keywords, and the basic resource allocation.

    A. Allocate resource for SEO setup
    B. Resource for keyword research
    C. Process monitoring system should be up now
    D. Communication with client (Project Manager) and
    E. Reporting

    A. Allocating person for doing SEO setup
    SEO setup consists of basic monitoring system and "on page optimization".

    A.1. Creating google analytics account
    A.2. Website Up-Time monitoring account
    A.3. Webmasters account
    A.4. Creating/changing meta tags - it should be done after keyword research
    A.5. Creating SiteMap and submitting to webmasters account - once new meta tags are ready and up
    A.6. Setting up starting point - You should know how many visitors you have at the time of starting a project etc.
    A.7. Setting up time line for checking keyword status
    A.8. Other on page optimization work

    B. Resource for Keyword research
    Based on requirements you should do keyword research, always use multiple keyword research tool to find and finalize keywords. This should be done by an experienced SEO

    B.1. Person responsible for keyword research should define difficulty level for each keyword
    B.2. Create group of keywords, divide all keywords into few groups, better classify them based on months to target
    B.3. Probable visitors for each keyword - assessment

    C. Process monitoring
    People responsible for monitoring SEO process should be at different place if possible, idea is to keep them uninfluenced from people at work. They should give honest review

    D. Project Manager - The person responsible for communicating with client
    Talking good helps, but not always, you should be well-mannered with results, bottom line is something people look first. You should be good with both side, and expected IQ is? You know

    E. Reporting - Normally done by project manager
    Create reporting schedule, must finish work within given time, communicate and keep updated

    Once you have required ready setup and resources available to move, you need work force to do the work, we can define work requirements for SEO process.

    In general we need:

    4. The Process System

    4.1. Content writers
    4.2. Web designers
    4.3. Data submission people

    4.1. Content writes will have to write original content on selected keywords. Generally each keyword should have minimum 3 articles (not limited to) with 500 words each. Keeping is original is a must. We have defined the order in which content should be written. (a,b,c)

    a. Originality is the first
    b. Correct and simple language is second
    c. Informative content is third

    (Our readers can have different opinion, but articles done, should get maximum inbound links and for that this order should be followed as recommended)

    Try to achieve all three in best possible way.

    4.2. Web designer will have job to create new pages on website, new blog section, doing small changes as recommended by team. Image optimization, Internal linking, readability improvement for end users.

    4.3. Data submission is one of the most sought for work in SEO process, it should be done with maximum possible accuracy, you can get good results only if you have good people for data submission. Generally it is done by a small team, and one of them should be responsible for monitoring that part.

    Applying real-time report generation process is good. You can have a method to generate 1st report while actual submissions are done.

    These reports should be reviewed at 2 levels, first by the data submission team lead and second by project manager

    More updated will be added to this page, keep a track


    Article by Vivek
    Project Manager
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